Catholic Life

Liturgy and Collective Worship

The school has close links with St Thomas More parish and the Archdiocese of Birmingham and conducts liturgies and acts of collective worship in line with guidance from the Archdiocese and Catholic Education Service (CES). We will be reviewing our liturgy and collective worship policies in September 2016. More information to follow soon.

Ethos and Values

Gospel values underpin everything we do at St Thomas More Primary School and our motto: “Learn and Grow as God’s Holy People” is central to our mission. As we will have a new headteacher in September 2016 the school will be using this as an opportunity to revisit our ethos and values. More information to follow soon.

At St Thomas More Primary School our values and ethos are grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Church as defined by the Archdiocese of Birmingham. Core values we promote at the school encourage children to be:

  • grateful;
  • generous;
  • attentive;
  • discerning;
  • compassionate;
  • loving;
  • faith-filled;
  • hopeful;
  • eloquent;
  • truthful;
  • learned;
  • wise;
  • curious;
  • active;
  • intentional;
  • prophetic;

Vision, Values & Aims

Each half-term we examine two of these core values in greater depth through our work in assemblies and across the curriculum.

In addition to this, our ethos is one of love and support where high expectations promoted by staff members encourage children to do their best at all times. We embrace new technology and aim to ensure our teaching practices are founded on evidence-based pedagogy; we encourage children to adopt a “growth mind set” and try new things that push them outside their comfort zone; we value the contributions of parents and carers as the first and most important educators of our children; and adults and children alike adopt a reflective approach to learning so that we all strive to be better each day.


Mary’s Meals ~Backpack Project ~ The School Council has received 22 donated backpacks which have now been filled with school equipment: pencils, crayons, notepads, pencil cases and exercise books. The backpacks will soon be collected and taken to a store in Glasgow before setting off on their journey to children in Malawi to provide the children in Africa with a good start to their education. Thank you to everyone who has given so generously.

Sacramental Preparation

More information to follow soon.

Unity Partnership

More information to follow soon.

Our Parish

Our parish priest is Fr Stephen Day who came to the parish at the start of 2015, after being a parish priest in Nuneaton and a teacher at the Catholic secondary school there.

Mass times at Saint Thomas More Church are on Sunday at 9.00am and 6.00pm.

For more information on the Parish of Saint Thomas More, please visit the website below:

Parish Links

As a Catholic school, our links with the Parish are very important.

Many of our Catholic children are involved in the life of the Parish. Children from Year 4 up have the opportunity to be involved in the ministry of serving at the altar for weekday Mass and at weekends. They are trained to a very high standard by Mr Malcolm Pollard. Altar servers attend Mass on December 26th to celebrate their patron, Saint Stephen.

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