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Birmingham Archdiocese

The Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham extends from Stoke in the North to the Thames in the South. It includes seven cities and five counties; an area with over five million people. It serves a Catholic population of c. 450,000 through a network of 217 parishes and some 240 schools. There are some 250 Diocesan priests (50 are in retirement) assisted by some 80 Permanent Deacons.

St Thomas More Catholic Church

The Parish of St Thomas More is situated in the South West of Coventry and serves the districts of Cheylesmore, Styvechale, Finham and Green Lane as well as the villages of Baginton and Stoneleigh. There are about 2, 500 people in the parish. You will find the building described in the newly published edition of Warwickshire in the Buildings of England series, edited by Chris Pickford and the late Sir Nikolaus Pevsner.

Unity Cluster

The Unity cluster is a partnership that exists to secure 3-19 Catholic Education in Coventry. We are a network comprised of the following schools: All Souls Our Lady of Assumption St Anne St John Vianney St Mary and St Benedict St Thomas More Bishop Ullathorne Secondary School We work closely with the Birmingham Diocesan Education Service, the Local Authority, the Department for Education, our local academies and schools, local business and commerce and the wider community.

Coventry Catholic Schools Partnership

By working in communion we will achieve our shared mission to provide quality Catholic education in three clusters across our city and give witness to the Catholic faith in action; Raising standards and improving provision across all schools through the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to high calibre school improvement support and challenge, based on a forensic appreciation of what success in each school looks like, how it is brought about, sustained and built upon; A strong, collaborative approach, maximizing existing leadership and teaching expertise, and drawing on best practice in educational research and pedagogy; Continuing professional development for all school staff and governors, designed to meet current and future leadership and learning priorities; Achieving best value for money through resources and services brokered on behalf of Catholic schools in Coventry from a position of strength resulting from schools working together; Active promotion of success - locally, nationally and internationally - fostering strong relationships with press, media and others so that parents increasingly choose a Catholic education, school morale is kept high and the best teachers stay with and are attracted to Catholic education in Coventry; There are growing numbers of children and young people in Catholic schools, meeting and exceeding expectations, happy in their faith and in themselves, and using their faith and skills, social and academic, for the betterment of their own lives, that of their families and their wider communities.

Catholic Education Service

The Catholic Education Service (CES) acts on behalf of the Catholic Bishops' Conference to support Catholic education. We have a strong and positive working relationship with the British and Welsh Government, sharing the aims of high academic standards for all and increased parental choice.

Coventry City Council

Our Local Authority.

AiP catering

AiP were established in 1998 and today we serve over 75,000 meals per day in 300 Schools and Colleges. Our partnerships are long lasting and we realise that no two schools or colleges are the same.

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