Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

We are currently working really hard in preparation for our SATs assessments in May.

We are focussing on improving our grammar skills and knowledge. If you need further help with this you can log on to and use your log in from your teacher to get some more practise in!

In our Guided Reading lessons we are reading extracts from a variety of fiction and non-fiction sources to help us develop our understanding of different text types. We are also having a major focus on vocabulary, as it is really important for us to understand what we are reading.

We are also working hard in our maths! We are making sure we are speedy with our recall of number facts, so that our arithmetic knowledge is up to speed! We are also focussing on using our knowledge of number, shape and measure to answer word problems and develop our reasoning skills!

In our English lessons we have just finished reading Romeo and Juliet. We have produced some fantastic journalistic writing and have really enjoyed studying an older text!


Powerpoint slides from Meet the Teacher session, September 2018:

Year 6 Meet the Teacher

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