Be Safe – Be Seen

With the dark nights now upon us, the Be Safe – Be Seen message – a good reminder for adults as well as children – Many cyclists are riding without lights or fluorescent clothing.

Fluorescent and Reflective – The two materials that get you noticed.

How they work. Fluorescent material works outdoors in the daylight and is essential in poor daylight or dusk. It reacts to the ultra-violet rays in sunlight, which make it glare. Fluorescent materials usually come in orange yellow or lime green.

Reflective materials work only at night and reflect the light straight back to the driver. Thousands of tiny beads in the material act like cats eyes on the road.

To be totally safe, consider clothing items which combine elements of both fluorescent and reflective material. They enable you to be seen all around the clock. Remember – fluorescent for day, reflective for night. Knowing the difference could be a matter of life or death.

If you do not possess such material, wear something white, bright or colourful. Going out at night in dark clothing can put your safety at risk.

Advice for drivers

Be alert to other road users such as people in a hurry, young children, mothers with toddlers or elderly shoppers.

Remember they may not see you, so slow right down, particularly at junctions where pedestrians cross. You should use your lights at night or in poor visibility. Remember: See and be Seen.

Advice for pedestrians

Don’t walk into danger, be Safe be Seen by letting others know you’re there. Remember – fluorescent by day – reflective by night or always wear or carry something white, bright or colourful.

School uniforms are traditionally dark. Wearing reflective/fluorescent strips, arm bands or attaching reflective badges to school bags is an ideal way of enabling other road users to see you. Some shoes also incorporate flashing lights as an added safety feature.

Advice for cyclists

Cyclists are particularly at risk on roundabouts and at cross roads, so don’t be an accident victim, be wise and survive. Be Safe – be Seen by wearing relective/fluorescent tabards or a Sam Brown belt (available for purchase from the Road Safety Centre). Remember – fluorescent by day – reflective by night or wear something white, bright or colourful.

At night cyclists should use a white light at the front and a red light and red reflector at the rear. Consider fitting spoke reflectors, reflective pedals, tyres and cycle spacers to your bike. Protect yourself by cleaning the front and rear lights and reflectors before you set off. If you carry a rucksack on your back, attach fluorescent/reflective strips to the canvas to enable others to see you more clearly.

Advice for motorcyclists

Day or night, always use your headlights. Wearing a reflective/fluorescent jacket, tabard or Sam Brown belt helps others to see you more clearly. Watch your speed during the hours or darkness, dusk or in poor visibility. Expect the unexpected and you’ll guarantee yourself no nasty surprises. Remember – fluorescent by day – reflective by night or always wear something white, bright or colourful.

A range of low-cost reflective/fluorescent armbands

The risk of being injured on the roads could be reduced if road users wore high visibility clothing when walking, cycling and riding a motorbike or horse. The Road Safety Centre is operating a Be Safe – Be Seen scheme which offers a range of low-cost reflective/fluorescent armbands, Sam Brown belts and tabards for children and adults.

A range of reflective/fluorescent products can also be purchased from the following website links.

Bright Kidz

Our fluorescent, reflective products help you be seen day, dusk and night. Walking and cycling is even more fun with our great incentives and schemes.

Colan UK

High Visibility Reflective Products

Road Safety GB

Road Safety GB promotes road safety education, training and publicity initiatives.

RSP Products

RSP Products is your single source for High Visibility Clothing, Flashing LED Safety Products, Workwear, Reflective Safety Wear, Promotional Safety Products, Safety Lights and Flashwear. We supply quality PPE clothing and accessories to local authorities,


At dusk or after dark, in town or in country, all pedestrians are safer (eight times safer) when wearing a reflector.

Streetwise UK

3M Streetwise has been designed to support PSHE and Science lessons for 7–11 year olds, and aid cross-curricular work in Geography, Maths and English. Materials align to year groups, according to QCA guidelines.

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