Maths Workshops – March 2018

Please find below copies of the presentation and useful website links which were shared with parents and carers at the recent Maths workshops, held at the Spring term Looking at Learning sessions.

Maths No Problem Parent Presentation

Useful Maths Websites

The Singapore Maths Approach

At St Thomas More we use Singapore methods to teach maths. These methods are rooted in sound pedagogy and evidence-based research. Each session starts with a mathematical exploration where the children work in pairs or small groups to investigate a mathematical concept using concrete resources like number counters and “ten frames”. By doing this, the basic concepts of each topic are firmly embedded so that the children are able to apply their learning much more fluently.

In Singapore, mathematical outcomes for young people at all stages of their education are far superior to British outcomes. Although initially the pace of lessons might appear a little slow, there is a growing body of evidence that children make faster progress because they are much more confident with the underlying mathematical concepts.

For more information on the Singapore approach to teaching maths see:

Basic Skills

Each Monday every class is taught basic mathematical skills in a very structured way using the “Assertive Mentoring” approach. Children sit tests at an age-appropriate level and a teaching session is dedicated to working through these tests as a class. They then re-sit the test, applying the learning they have gained during the session.

For more information on Assertive Mentoring please see:

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