Science provides the children with the foundations for understanding how the world around them works. All children focus on the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics, developing their scientific knowledge and understanding. Children are encouraged to develop their sense of curiosity and excitement about natural phenomena. They are encouraged to understanding how science can be used to explain what is occurring.

Here at Saint Thomas More we aim to ensure that children are equipped with the necessary skills so that they can work scientifically to explore their learning. Children are encouraged to work practically, using a range of resources and equipment to investigate their ideas, to answer questions and to then share their findings critically.

We have many enthusiastic and budding scientists who are eager to learn more about the world around them. Hopefully these are the scientists of the future who will use their learning to enhance the lives of the world around them.

Working scientifically

This area if the curriculum allows each year group to develop their understanding of processes and investigation in science.

Scientific enquiry includes:

  • Observing over time.
  • Pattern seeking.
  • Identifying, classifying and grouping.
  • Comparative and fair testing.
  • Researching using a range of sources.

The children collect data, which they analyse and present in a variety of ways. There are strong links with maths and technology in this area of the curriculum.

Please click here for the Science National Curriculum.

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