At St Thomas More we consider the children’s safety and welfare to be our primary concern. We have a number of statutory responsibilities which include:

A designated safeguarding lead. Morgan Williams (headteacher) is the DSL for the school. In his absence, Clare Staines (deputy headteacher) is the DSL. On rare occasions when both are absent Ann Mills (learning mentor) is DSL.

Regular training updates. Professional development opportunities for all staff focus on the specific needs of our school. All staff members receive basic safeguarding and child protection training annually. In addition to this we provide training on pertinent issues such as PREVENT (the government’s anti-radicalisation agenda) and female genital mutilation.

A culture of constant vigilance. All staff members are expected to adopt the attitude that safeguarding and child protection concerns are not limited by geography, culture or socio-economic status. We know that it could happen here and are constantly vigilant in looking for signs that our children’s welfare is at risk.

An open and transparent approach. We believe that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and that information-sharing on a need-to-know basis is crucial in ensuring our children’s welfare. We use CPOMS as our internal monitoring process. More information on CPOMS can be found on their website and in our usage protocol.

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