Other Policies

The school has a large number of policies which are reviewed on a regular cycle. All policies are reviewed at least once every three years and many are reviewed annually. This list of policies is not exhaustive but contains most of the main ones. Again, any can be made available in hard copy upon request. If you can’t find the policy you are looking for please ask at the school office.

Policy Review

All our policies are reviewed regularly. Most are reviewed annually although some are reviewed every two or three years. If you want to make suggestions about any of our policies you can do so by emailing the school office. Click on the document below to find out:

when the policies on this page were last reviewed;
the length of the review cycle for each policy;
the date they are scheduled for governor review.

Policies For Consultation

The homework policy is currently under consultation. The consultation closes at 5.00pm on Friday 8th June 2018. Changes to the old policy are highlighted in yellow. Please email any comments to admin@st-thomasmore.coventry.sch.uk.

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