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Accessibility Plan


St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is a voluntary-aided school. This means that the governing body is responsible for admissions rather than the local authority. It is a statutory requirement that we review our admissions policy each year in line with guidance from the Archdiocese of Birmingham. This policy is the published on our web site. We also publish our supplementary form which should be completed by the parents of Catholic children and signed by their priest. On this page you will find our current admissions policy (2016-17) along with our policies for children who will be starting school in September 2017 and September 2018.

Charging & Remissions

Equality Objectives

Equality Objectives for 2017-18

1) To diminish the difference between disadvantaged children and their peers in the 2009-10 cohort so that more of them achieve in line with national expectations as they move into key stage 2

2) To close the achievement gap between boys and girls in the 2011-12 cohort as they move into key stage 1

3) To promote accelerated progress for all groups in key stage 2

4) To raise achievement for all groups in writing so that progress and attainment are in line with figures for reading and maths

For more information on equality policies in the school please see the following documents:

Inspection Reports

Archdiocese of Birmingham Inspection Reports

Online Safety

Other Policies

The school has a large number of policies which are reviewed on a regular cycle. All policies are reviewed at least once every three years and many are reviewed annually. This list of policies is not exhaustive but contains most of the main ones. Again, any can be made available in hard copy upon request. If you can’t find the policy you are looking for please ask at the school office.

Pupil Premium

The school receives funding each year for children who are classed as disadvantaged. This funding is spent in order to diminish the difference in achievement between these children and their more advantaged peers nationally. In the 2017-18 academic year we expect to receive approximately £120,000 in pupil premium funding

At St Thomas More we review our pupil premium policy annually and the next review is due in November 2017.

Process For Policy Review

All our policies are reviewed regularly. Most are reviewed annually although some are reviewed every two or three years. If you want to make suggestions about any of our policies you can do so by emailing the school office. Click on the document below to find out:

when the policies on this page were last reviewed;
the length of the review cycle for each policy;
the date they are scheduled for governor review.

Policies For Consultation

We do not currently have any policies out for consultation.

Requests for paper copies

If you require a paper copy for any of our policies
please email your request to or call 024 7684 9910

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